Power Management Solutions




Power Factor Correction

A bad power factor means that there in more energy than is required being drawn from the grid to make up for energy that is being wasted or lost by motors, cables and switchboards in an electrical installation.  Energy is lost through such things as heat, friction and and from a decrease in the efficiency of different electrical components.  This in-turn leads to more frequent breakdowns, and higher service and running costs.
SFS can provide a full analysis of your energy consumption and the characteristics that cause bad power factor, either by on site measurements or interpretation of information provided on your power bill.  With this information, we can ascertain what the site requirements are and also project a realistic return on investment.

A range of solutions can be provided, including localised or centralised power factor correction options depending on each site's needs and requirements. 
We also design and manufacture customised power factor cabinets and can install and service all power factor equipment.



Power Monitoring

SFS assists businesses to interpret and monitor energy consumption.  Power monitors can be utilised in a variety of ways, looking at anything from individual components up to a whole site approach.  Power consumption is then analysed to give an accurate indication of when and where energy consumption is at its highest and lowest, and advice and options are provided to assist with power reduction and energy efficient use of plant and equipment.

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